Red Sash Brewing

(Downtown, Kansas City, MO)
Formerly Border Brewing

Scooter’s 1539th bar, first visited in 2022.

Red Sash Brewing, Kansas City

New (to me) brewery located in the former home of Border Brewing. though I’ve had their beer at festivals. There’s a deck on the east side that is almost as big as the indoor eating area itself.

I had the Frag Out! (Belgian Tripel)

I had been bar crawling for about 4 hours by this point and had enjoyed quite a few big beers, so later had to do a sort-of walk of shame back here to even more drunkenly collect the backpack I drunkenly left behind.

Red Sash Brewing, Kansas City

406 E. 18th St.
Kansas City, MO 64108
United States
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