Old Folks Lounge

(East Side, Kansas City, MO)

Scooter’s 1120th bar, first visited in 2015.

Old Folks Lounge, Kansas City

This is a bar I have wanted to visit for years, but I’ve always been too scared to go. However, I got my chance when our friend B’Lenda mentioned it was her birthday, and it came up in conversation that she’s a regular here. I got my in!

As we approached the bar I began to get a little nervous, passing street sign after street sign of street names I normally only hear about on the news. The nervousness reached a peak when we parked our cars and the first sound we heard upon getting out was a gunshot no more than a block away. None of the locals seemed fazed, however, so we headed on inside.

Though there was initially a “record scratch moment” when we stepped inside, one of B’Lenda’s friends was sitting at the bar just inside the door/ Introductions were made that quickly broke the ice.

Old Folks is divided into three sections. The main section (center) houses a long bar that is dual-sided at the north end. We sat in the west section, with dining tables, the DJ booth, and access to the patio. There is another section east of the bar, we didn’t venture over there but from what we could see it looked like there was a pool table over there.

The bartender was a little gruff with us at first but warmed up pretty quickly, we enjoyed her. The DJ, who has not on duty yet but was coming on around the time we left, came over and chatted with each of us. He was a nice guy.

So, once again, a bar that I spent a long time being terrified of turned out to actually be a pretty nice place with nice clientele.

Old Folks Lounge, Kansas City

Old Folks Lounge, Kansas City

4805 E 24th St
Kansas City, MO 64127
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