BBG’s Bar, Kitchen, Sports

(Downtown, Austin, TX)

Scooter’s 1557th bar, first visited in 2022.

BBG's Bar, Kitchen, Sports, Austin

We began the day with lunch at Iron Works BBQ, then walked back north to 6th Street in search of a quiet spot to kill a couple hours of time before a planned afternoon tour.

We were looking specifically for a place called Bikini’s Sports Bar Grill that Google said was open, but we could not find it anywhere. The address took us to BBG’s instead. Then I noticed that all the reviews for Bikini’s were rather old so surmised that Bikini’s must have gone tits-up and been replaced by BBG’s.

BBG’s is physically connected to the adjacent Happy Chicks bar next door via a common restroom area, and it kind of looked like both were served by the same kitchen. BBG’s had a more divey feel, however, so we were happy with out selection.

I had a Noisy Cricket (session IPA) by Friends & Allies Brewing.

BBG's Bar, Kitchen, Sports, Austin

BBG's Bar, Kitchen, Sports, Austin

214 E. 6th St
Austin, TX 78701
United States
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