Revue @ Fairmont Austin

(Downtown, Austin, TX)

Scooter’s 1568th bar, first visited in 2022.

Revue @ Fairmont Austin, Austin

Due to sickness we spent the last day of the 4-day weekend in the hotel room watching Impractical Jokers, apart from me venturing out to shop for medication and then later us going downstairs to get some dinner. That later excursion is what led us to this bar in one of the hotel’s restaurants.

We got our food to go to take back up to the room, so I had a cocktail while waiting. (I was a bit miffed abput paying $23 for Mongolian Beef but OMG if it wasn’t the best Mongolian Beef I’ve ever had!)

My cocktail was their “Gin e Tonica”. (Roku gin, spiced pinot grigio syrup, lime, fever tree mediterranean tonic)

Revue @ Fairmont Austin, Austin

101 Red River St
Austin, TX 78701
United States
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