Coyote Ugly

(Downtown, Austin, TX)

Scooter’s 1556th bar, first visited in 2022.

Coyote Ugly, Austin

We left Buckshots pretty hammered, and because we had forgotten we had to cross the street to get to it, be started off walking the wrong direction back to the hotel. My Friend noticed the error afer about a block, so we crossed again and began heading back the correct way.

The sidewalks were getting busier and we were dodging both other pedestrians and bar employees stationed outside the doors of bars enticing people in.

“Do you guys want to come on in?” called one of the voices too us.

“No thanks,” I said, “we’re done for the night.”

“You sure?” said the door attendant. “We have girls dancing on the bar.”

My friend’s eyes got really big and he looked back, then at me. “Scott, I’ve never been in a Coyote Ugly before. We HAVE to go!”

So we did. (I had already been to the Memphis location years ago, but had to allow my friend the same opportunity.)

Being a Thursday night it was not too busy at first, but it grew busier as time went on. About half an hour after our arrival a bachelorette party came in and that made the bar dancing almost constant.

I had two Guinness and at least one shot.

I have decided not to post any of the pictures of bar dancing because too many of the people on the bar were customers rather than employees.

This ended up becoming the real final bar of the night. What followed was a walk where we overshot the turn to the hotel by 2 blocks, stepping over/around several sleeping homeless people along the creepy route we used to correct that, and my friend crossing an intersection with a very wide berth that took him out onto the light rail tracks and at the time his reason for doing so seemed not only logical but even brilliant, but by morning neither of us could remember what that reason was.

Coyote Ugly, Austin

Coyote Ugly, Austin

Coyote Ugly, Austin

501 E. 6th S
Austin, TX 78701
United States
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