Halek’s Bar

(Nord East, Minneapolis, MN)

There is rumor that the new owner (a long-time bartender there) is being forced by the Halek family to change the name, the proposed name is “Ya Baby Sports Bar” after an inside joke between him and one of the regulars.

Scooter’s 160th bar, first visited in 2006.

Halek's Bar, Minneapolis

A double-bar. Our beer tasted a little off. The bartender was chatting it up with some of the regulars and not behind the bar very much. A woman came in holding a dollar and Brandon noticed her glance at a hanging display of snack chips. He made a “standard amount” wager that she wanted Funyuns but I noticed some Gardetto’s snack mix just before Brandon did and went for that. But the bartender was not paying attention and the woman got frustrated and started to leave. So Brandon called to the bartender, and another patron caught on to what was up and called to him too. The bartender returned and the woman picked the snack mix. Score! We left and while we were outside taking a picture the woman came outside and said “I heard the big guy won a buck off me.” She then unlocked the building next door and told us not to let anyone in while she went back into Halek’s to get something.

2024 Washington Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411
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(612) 522-9866

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