Devil’s Club Brewing

(Downtown, Juneau, AK)

Scooter’s 1649th bar, first visited in 2023.

Devil's Club Brewing, Juneau

Came in here for a few beers after separating from the rest of the group during a shopping excursion.

For some reason I forgot to take any interior photos except of my flight, but I know they served food and had a merchandise display. There was no apparent outdoor seating.

In accordance with Alaska’s looney brewery laws, there was no seating at the bar counter. I am almost certain that this was the brewery that had a sign listing all the ways Alaska’s brewery laws forbid fun (no NV, no music, no playing games) but I honestly can’t say for sure if that was this brewery or one of the others since that photo has somehow vanished.

I had the Signature IPA, the Cocoroon Imperial Hazelnut-Coconut-Macaroon Pastry Stout, and the Wafel House (Pastry stout brewed with stroopwafel).

Devil's Club Brewing, Juneau

Devil's Club Brewing, Juneau

100 N Franklin St
Juneau, AK 99801
United States
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