Kuhnhenn Brewery & Winery

(Warren, MI)

Scooter’s 1364th bar, first visited in 2019.

Kuhnhenn Brewery & Winery, Warren

When we first pulled up I was a little worried, It looked like potentially a slightly dicey neighborhood, and the building could just as easily be a dive bar (and may have even been at one time for all I know). But the beer contained within is some of the best I’ve found in the wild.

I had The Fluffer: Session IPA, Blueberry DRIPA, Penetration Porter, American Barleywine, Imperial Créme Brûlèe Java Stout. I even ended up buying some more beer to-go.

I unbderstand this place is also known as “Conference Room K”, but I won’t way why so no one gets in trouble. ;)

Kuhnhenn Brewery & Winery, Warren

Kuhnhenn Brewery & Winery, Warren

5919 Chicago Rd
Warren, MI 48092
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(586) 983-8362

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