Grand Trunk Pub

(Downtown, Detroit, MI)

Scooter’s 1596th bar, first visited in 2022.

Grand Trunk Pub, Detroit

After leaving Detroiter Bar we called to check on our companion who was getting some much needed sleep back at the hotel. She didn’t answer, so we decided to wander around and do some sightseeing.

About thirty minutes into our walk we came across a bar that the rest of the group (minus me) had visited a few years earlier but it was extremely busy and they left after 40 minutes of being unable to get anyone to take their drink order. And I had wanted to visit ever since based solely on their pictures.

We peered inside and saw that it wasn’t too terribly busy, and there were enough open seats at the bar for us to sit together. So we went on in, and this time got served right away!

This bar was originally a rail station. There’s a separate room off to the side of the bar room that’s all table seating, and a mezzanine with additional table seating.

I had an Old Shuck (English porter) by North Pier Brewing.

After one round we decided our sleepy companion had napped long enough so we began making out way back to the hotel to wake her — albeit with quite a bit more sightseeing along the way.

Grand Trunk Pub, Detroit

Grand Trunk Pub, Detroit

Grand Trunk Pub, Detroit

612 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
United States
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